Press Releases

October 19, 2021 Press Release
“Our nation’s veterans paid more than their fair share through their service to our nation and should no longer be subject to the burdensome administrative fees to visit military memorials or go on their own Honor Flights. Though we will never be able to fully repay these heroes, this legislation is a small step to properly honor their sacrifice, patriotism and bravery.”
September 28, 2021 Press Release
“The Biden administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan has given the Taliban control of one of the largest deposits of rare earth minerals in the world, which jeopardizes our national security. Banning the Taliban and China from profiting off of rare earth minerals is commonsense."
September 21, 2021 Press Release
"My constituents remain concerned about what they pay for prescription drugs, and while my Republican colleagues in Congress have proposed legislation tackling this issue directly and effectively, some policies under consideration – like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s H.R. 3 – threaten to restrict patient access to medicines and cut off America’s pipeline of innovative research and development."
September 21, 2021 Press Release
“There is absolutely no excuse for giving our tax dollars to terrorist-controlled countries like Afghanistan. It is not in our financial or national security interests for us to fund our adversaries.”
September 18, 2021 Press Release
“It was an honor to see so many young Americans interested in learning more about the Service Academy Process, and what our office can do to help. During my service, I met some of the bravest patriots our nation has ever seen. We would be lucky to have any of the attendees today represent our community in service to our country.”
September 13, 2021 Press Release
“And as we sit here today, we still have citizens and SIVs stuck in Taliban hands, despite Biden promising to stay and get them all out. And thanks to you (Sec. Blinken), our enemy knows exactly who they are and how to find them, and you describe this, and I quote ‘an extraordinary effort.’ I would certainly not describe the deaths of 13 U.S. service members, the deaths of hundreds of Afghans, and the fact that we still have citizens and SIVs stuck behind enemy lines while the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS K go door to door hunting them down as an ‘extraordinary effort.’”
September 11, 2021 Press Release
“Twenty years ago, thousands of innocent lives were lost due to radical Islamic terrorism. This anniversary is especially significant as we still have many Americans who are fighting terrorism abroad. As we pay our respects to the sacrifices of the fallen, let us never forget those they left behind who are still suffering the pain of loss from this tragic day.”
September 8, 2021 Press Release
"It is an honor to recognize the Richards family as September’s MVPs for Florida’s 17th Congressional District. Howard, Zachary, and Sarah all answered the call to serve our great nation in the United States Army, and they have all set a shining example of dedication, patriotism, and service to our community here in Hardee County."
August 29, 2021 Press Release
“Mayor Watford has taken his personal level of service well above and beyond the expectations of his public office both during the pandemic and beyond. His willingness to step up for our seniors, families, farmers and small businesses has made him invaluable to our community and exemplifies the true essence of public service. We are grateful for his commitment.”
August 20, 2021 Press Release
“Joe Biden’s lack of a plan to evacuate the remaining Americans trapped in Afghanistan is a reprehensible dereliction of duty. After causing one of the worst foreign policy blunders in history, he and Vice President Harris must take responsibility for their failures and take steps to prioritize the safe return of American citizens as they face serious threats from the Taliban.”