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2022 Congressional Art Competition

Venice High School

Title Description Artwork
Birds of a Feather Two doves are flying over an arch to represent hope. ANGELINA BRYANT 1
Juvenile Caiman Photograph of a juvenile caiman breaching the surface of a water feature at Jungle Gardens. GATOR
Birdie Markers Artist demonstrated shading techniques with a graphite pencil to create a set of irons used to play golf.
Zippy This piece is a second attempt at using graphite pencil. The artist chose to draw a fish because they wanted to challenge themself to create different values and experiment with a light source that originated from the front of the subject. DEANNA LAWSON 1
Thunderbird & Friends This piece backpacks on Native American artwork with the head of the thunderbird as the central aspect, with depictions of a wolf and a snake on copper scratchboard. DREW KIMBALL 1
Pointless Pricks A rabbit being held up and tested with chemicals. EMMA UNDERWOOD 1
Starry Night Field Inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night, in a farmland, wheat field, with a big red windmill. HAYLI SNAER 1
Warner Against a background of whimsical blue sky with magical energy, an ex-soldier wears a pensive expression as she contemplates the war that left with her permanent physical scars and glorified yet undeserved medals riddled with survivor’s guilt. JULIA WHITTAKER 1
Bloom Two flowers in full bloom on a textured background. BLOOM
Pistil #15 The power of a woman can be shown through the beauty of nature; looking through her eyes, and you can see the power she holds, the strengths she holds, and the confidence she holds. MAKENNA FINLEY 1
Sappho A portrait depicting the Archaic Greek poet Sappho OLIVIA WHITTAKER 1
Charlie The drawing portrays the artist’s cat, Charlie, sitting in their yard. Artist selected this picture because her friend, Julia, is moving away. Julia was with the artist when she adopted Charlie, and he is a representation of their friendship. STELLA KEOUGHAN 1
Voices in My Head Portrait of a man holding his face and screaming SYDNEY JOHNDROW 1
Dream-like Landscapes N/A TANYA LAMB 1

Charlotte High School

Title Description Artwork
Sunder of Nations, Unity of Brothers Confederate soldier Richard Kirkland gives aid to a wounded Union soldier by giving him water from his canteen; an apparition of Christ formed from the clouds and watched over them. Sunder of Nations, Unity of Brothers
Self-Growth Persephone in Spring Self Growth
Resilience This piece depicts the mental challenge of pushing forward through the eyes of a dancer. The subject glares at herself in the mirror, gripping the barre, urging herself to keep going—the orange tones in the background aid in conveying the intensity of this emotion. Resllience
Papaw Glen This portrait portrays the man the artist was named after, their late grandfather. Even though they never met him, the artist was able to portray his demeanor with the earth-toned colors used, emphasizing the gleam in his kind eyes. The earthy-deep brown color in the background shows how he was the foundation of the artist’s mother’s family. Papaw Glen
Florida Cowboy A still life of a cowboy hat. Florida Cowboy
Emotional Guilt This mature piece establishes the pressures of adulthood represented by the flowing hands wrapped around the head to show the struggles of life. Emotional Guilt
16 Year Mystery A surrealistic interpretation of autism (sensory issues, trouble making eye contact) overall message is that ASD is not a disability, just a different ability. abstract image

Riverdale High School

Title Description Artwork
Clouded Thoughts A photo of one person with his hands on his head out of focus with the focus on the water droplets that are in front of him. Clouded Thoughts

Okeechobee Christian Academy

Title Description Artwork
Sparkle Like a Diamond Symmetrical diamond (black to dark blue to light blue) Sparkle Like a Diamond