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April 13, 2021 | In The News

EXCLUSIVE: Republicans To Propose Bill Which Would Block Jurisdictions From Implementing Vaccine Passports

Republican Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale will introduce legislation Tuesday which would block jurisdictions from trying to implement a system that requires vaccine passports.

Rosensalde was joined by 24 other co-sponsors on the “No Taxpayer Funding for Vaccine Passports Act” as many organizations have pushed the idea of requiring individuals to obtain a passport proving they have been vaccinated before they can travel or do other activities. The bill would prevent the government from using federal funds to implement any form of vaccine passports.

The lawmakers believe it is less likely that the federal government will try to mandate vaccine passports systems, as the White House said in early April that President Joe Biden’s administration was not considering plans for a “vaccine passport.” The lawmakers believe that does not mean other jurisdictions which receive federal funding won’t try to implement a vaccine passport system.

Rosendale told the Daily Caller that Americans should not be forced by the government to take the vaccine and that individuals have the right to make their own decisions.

“Vaccine passports systems being proposed across our country are truly frightening. Individuals have a right to make their own healthcare decisions, and they should not be forced by the government to be vaccinated – possibly against the advice of their physician – or risk being cast out of society. Although the Biden administration is now trying to walk back reports that they are helping develop federal vaccine passport, we are now seeing state and local governments threaten to implement them,” Rosendale said.

“My bill would enable individuals to make their own healthcare decisions and ensure they are not bullied by bureaucrats in Washington, state capitols, or city halls – like we are already beginning to see in cities in New York and California,” Rosendale continued.