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January 15, 2020 | In The News

GOP Rep. Greg Steube Tells Tucker: ‘Not A Single Democrat’ Voted To Protect Women’s Sports

Florida Republican Rep. Greg Steube discussed the lack of Democratic support for his House bill that would have protected women’s college athletics.

Appearing on Wednesday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Steube discussed the arguments for and against his bill with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who introduced the segment by explaining that it would have banned “schools from using Title IX federal funds to support women sports if biological men are allowed to compete with them.”Giving Steube an honorary “common sense award for sponsoring legislation that you’d think we wouldn’t need,” Carlson asked him for the arguments against the bill.

“The argument against this is you are discriminating against people who identify as a woman that day and want the ability to compete,” said the Florida lawmaker. “It’s just fascinating that we are in a place in our country where you have to file bills to make it clear that women are actually going to be competing with women and women’s sports.”

Carlson noted the “striking” phenomenon of the victims of current practices being the very “people Title IX was passed to protect.”

“We are completely eroding what women sports are if we are going to allow biological men to compete with women in women’s collegiate activities,” said Steube after the two discussed support for his efforts to amend the Democratic-passed Equality Act from some on the left, including legendary tennis star Martina Navratilova.

“I filed pretty much what my bill is as an amendment on the ERA legislation that went through the Judiciary committee and not a single Democrat voted for it,” he said. “We did it as a motion to recommit on the floor of the house on similar legislation and I believe there was only one or two Democrats that voted for it. That’s the sad state of affairs that we are in for today. You are destroying women sports and Democrats aren’t willing to stand for women in women sports.”

“So after like a million years, we are redefining gender out of existence,” said Carlson. “That can’t have bad consequences. We will be judged for this because this is too nuts, I think.”