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July 20, 2023 | In The News

“I Didn’t Want to Censor Your Disinformation” – MUST SEE: Rep. Greg Steube DESTROYS Democrat Witness for Spreading Lies and Disinformation at Censorship Hearing 

Gateway Pundit– Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) on Thursday took time out to correct the pompous and dishonest Democrat witness for her misinformation on the MO v. Biden lawsuit. 

The Democrat witness testified that the case was vacated by the Louisiana Appeals Court. This was not true. It was fake news. Greg Steube called her out saying he would hate to “censor your disinformation.”


Rep. Greg Steube: To further the disinformation going on. Ms. Wiley, in response to a question, you stated that the decision in Missouri v. Biden was vacated by the appellate court. Is that correct?

Ms. Wiley: I did. And I want to correct that because Mr. Sauer is right, the appropriate word is stayed.

Rep. Greg Steube: Administratively stayed. So it hasn’t been vacated or dismissed like Mrs. Sanchez.

Ms. Wiley: It’S stayed, which means it cannot be implemented right now.

Rep. Greg Steube: Okay, because I didn’t want us to censor your disinformation that you stated as a factual assertion earlier.