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March 09, 2024 | In The News

Rep. Steube to Newsmax: Biden ‘Straight-Up Lying’ to Americans

NEWSMAX — President Joe Biden is “straight-up lying to the American people,” and he told “lie after lie” during his State of the Union speech, Rep. Greg Steube said on Newsmax Saturday. 

“From the border to the economy — you name it — he’s completely misrepresenting the current status of our country,” the Florida Republican told Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.”

Biden is also trying to blame Republicans for issues that he created, including crime and the nation’s economy, but skewing the numbers to make matters sound better, said Steube. 

“I was just in Washington,” he said. “It’s almost every day that there’s a murder blocks from the Capitol. You have one of the highest crime rates in the country. It’s so bad that even the Democrats are now trying to reverse all of the soft-on-crime policies that they had because they now recognize it as an issue.”

Democrats also created the economic crisis, but Biden misrepresented that during his speech as well, the congressman said.

“They dropped trillions of dollars on the economy and created the skyrocketing inflation,” he said. “If you ask any American family, regardless of their political affiliation, if it’s harder for them to pay their bills today than it was three years ago, they will all say yes. The average cost of a family of four is an additional $11,000 a year just because of Joe Biden’s inflation.”

Meanwhile, as for Biden’s speech itself, “the bar is set so low.” Steube said. “That bar is: Can he make it down the aisle without stumbling, make it up the stairs without falling, and speak without knowing where he is?”

He also said that Biden was slurring his speech so much during the middle of his address, he “couldn’t understand what he was saying.”

Biden also blamed Republicans for the situation at the border, said Steube.

“He took 60-plus actions executive actions at the border that have created the crisis that we are in and then wants to blame Republicans for not sending him enough money to solve the problem that he created,” said Steube.

He also commented on Biden’s gaffe when referring to slain nursing student Laken Riley as “Lincoln” Riley, and about Democrats criticizing the president for calling her alleged killer an “illegal” rather than “undocumented” immigrant.

“[That] is exactly what they are,” said Steube. “We have Americans dying every day from fentanyl overdoses that he can stop today at the southern border.”

He added that if Biden had kept former President Donald Trump’s policies, “we wouldn’t be in the immigration crisis that we’re in right now.”

“I just had a constituent a couple of weeks ago who was raped by an illegal immigrant that was released by Joe Biden’s administration, so it’s not just the border states anymore that are border states,” he said. “It’s Florida. It’s every state in the nation, because they’re shipping them all across the country.”