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July 20, 2023 | In The News

Rep. Steube to Newsmax: Conservatives Scored ‘Big Wins’ in NDAA

NEWSMAX – Conservatives scored a “lot of big wins” in this year’s National Defense Authorization Act, as they were able to eliminate “all of these leftist, progressive ideologies” that were being infused into the military while allowing service members to receive the largest pay increase that they’ve seen in 20 years, Rep. Greg Steube said on Newsmax Saturday. 

“It gets rid of drag shows and DEI [diversity, equity, and inclusion] and critical race theory,” the Florida Republican said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.”

Steube said he was happy to see an amendment he sought that will provide oversight and information on the funding that has gone to Ukraine’s war effort. 

“We as members of Congress and Americans have no idea where the $160 billion that has been transferred from our government to the Ukrainian government, where all that money has been spent,” said Steube.”Thankfully now included in this NDAA will be some oversight from the inspector general to determine exactly where all those funds went.”

Steube and other Republicans are calling for the military to reinstate members who were released for refusing to have COVID-19 vaccinations, and he said he does not know why there has been a delay when the Pentagon has already dropped its vaccine mandate. 

“You have Joe Biden as the commander in chief of the military, and you have a very far-left progressive agenda that has been infused,” said Steube. “I actually had a constituent myself who refused the vaccine in the Naval Academy under religious grounds, and they were originally telling her that they weren’t even allowing her to graduate and they weren’t going to give her a commission.”

Such things have happened, said Steube, because the military’s leadership “has infused progressive ideology into everything they do.”

“Instead of being worried about the safety and security of the American people, which should be their number one primary focus, they’re worried about climate change,” he said. “They’re worried about transgenderism and having drag shows and all these other things that the military should not be concerned about.”

The White House Friday slammed the NDAA as divisive, but Steube pointed out that four Democrats also voted for the bill. 

“It goes against all of their progressive wish list of things for them,” the congressman said about the Biden administration. “Giving a pay increase to our service members isn’t something that they support for them. They want to be able to hide where all this money has gone from Ukraine and where that spending has gone for them. They want to force vaccines on service members and have the ability for them to be kicked out for refusing the vaccine on religious grounds. It’s all about ideology right now in the military; and, thankfully, the Republican majority that the Americans put in place have corrected a lot of that in this NDAA.”