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January 11, 2024 | In The News

Rep. Steube to Newsmax: Weak Leadership Causing Attacks on US Troops

NEWSMAX Rep. Greg Steube, an Army veteran, expressed concerns about the recent attacks on U.S. service members in Iraq and Syria during an interview with Newsmax on Thursday

In an appearance on “Eric Bolling The Balance,” the Florida Republican criticized the White House’s response to the attacks. “We have 100 of our service members in Iraq and Syria that have been attacked. Sixty-six of them were injured,” he said. “What’s been the response from the White House to our service members being attacked? Nothing.”

“They know that they can get away with these attacks,” he added.

Steube discussed the U.S.-led coalition-related defensive counterattack on the Houthis, seen as a proxy for Iranians, and answered the question of whether there is a risk of a Middle East war with the U.S. being a principal.

Steube stated, “I don’t think we will be a principal because we have weak leadership … If we had strong leadership, none of these attacks would even be happening.”

Referring to the administration’s handling of international funding, Steube said U.S. tax dollars contributed to hostile activities.

“Right before Hamas attacked Israel, it was like $300 million that this administration gave to Hamas; and suddenly, they’re attacking Israel. Same with the money that went to Iran, and then they’re funding Hamas, Houthis, and Hezbollah to attack Western interests. And this administration is doing absolutely nothing about it,” Steube said.

“All they have to do is look at Afghanistan and our disastrous withdrawal there to see the weakness that’s coming from this administration and their opportunity to attack and knowing that nothing is gonna happen.”