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December 04, 2023 | In The News

Steube Wants More Parents in the Airport Fast Lane

SRQ Magazine  The Transportation Security Administration allows many passengers needing special assistance before boarding planes, most often children, to go through a pre-check security line. But sometimes caregivers still have to go through the regular inspection process.

U.S. Rep. Greg Steube, R-Sarasota, wants that to change. He filed the Fast Lane for Youths (FLY) Act, which would allow adults traveling with minors and others with Pre-Check privileges to accompany them through the speedier checkpoint.

“In a stunning display of bureaucratic absurdity, current TSA policies do not provide Pre-Check privileges for gate passes even when the passenger and escorts all have been screened through the Pre-Check program,” Steube said. “My legislation provides a simple legislative fix to allow a more expedient process through the airport for many families this holiday season.”

The TSA allows individuals to enroll in the Pre-Check program at locations across the country. The program allows for children traveling with someone using the service to join an adult traveler, but the same accommodation does not exist for adults traveling with children utilizing the program.

Steube’s bill, filed during one of the busiest flying seasons of the year, would only apply to parents, guardian and caregivers assisting passengers who already qualify for TSA Pre-Check privileges. While the term “youth” appears in the bill name, the legislation would apply to any situation where an individual is providing needed caregiver special assistance to an individual using the Pre-Check program.

The legislation would ask the TDA Administrator to establish a system with at least Pre-Check two gate passes are approved for individuals when one applies for the Pre-Check line, and that the status would be noted on airline tickets as well.

The goal, Steube said, is to expedite gate passes and flight access procedures to allow caregivers, parents, and guardians to accompany minors and passengers needing assistance to their flights.