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January 04, 2024 | In The News

U.S. Rep. Greg Steube cosponsors bill to ban NIH funding of cruel foreign animal experiments

WWSB (ABC 7) U.S. Rep. Greg Steube has signed on as a cosponsor of the bipartisan H.R.4757, Cease Animal Research Grants Overseas Act, which would bar the National Institutes of Health from funding animal tests in foreign laboratories.

This follows PETA’s 18-month investigation into U.S. funded animal experimenters in Colombia that led to the shutdown of two animal laboratories.

Between 2011 and 2021, NIH gave approximately $2.2 billion to 200 foreign organizations to fund 1,357 grants and contracts involving experiments on animals.

“The U.S. cannot continue sending Americans’ hard-earned money overseas and not paying attention to what’s done with it,” says Rep. Steube. “The lack of oversight only leads to corruption and abuse, and the CARGO Act will put a stop to that.”