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April 04, 2022 | In The News

US Rep. Steube: If GOP Wins In The Fall, Subpoenas Are On Tap In Hunter Biden Laptop Snafu, Starting With Big Tech

For years, America’s elite media believed every half-baked rumor about former President Donald Trump, showing little to no skepticism of their sources.

Then, less than a month before the 2020 election the New York Post dropped the bomb of Hunter Biden’s laptop stash, which included references to Joe “Big Guy” Biden and his role in the action.

Yet the media, led by The New York Times and The Washington Post, and abetted by Big Tech squelched the story.

It seemed an ideal situation to probe.

Joe Biden, after all, was on video bragging about he got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. The prosecutor was looking into corruption at an oil company that had the younger Biden as a board member. The prosecutor was set to move forward, but then Biden, as vice president, intervened, and demanded the prosecutor be sent packing or the U.S. would withhold aid.

Now, the media is admitting the Hunter story is real.

On Friday, Florida Congressman Greg Steube said House Republicans, if handed the majority in the fall, will do what the media failed to do: hold Hunter accountable.

The Sarasota Republican told Newsmax that an investigation of Hunter will be at or near the top of the GOP agenda, if the GOP wins. And a key part of that probe will be looking at how Big Tech – led by Facebook and Twitter – smothered the Post’s coverage of Hunter.

“When we take the majority back, these are things that we’re actually going to have subpoena power for and we’re setting the stage for that,” Steube told Newsmax.

“Certainly we’re not going to get the information from them because we don’t have the power of subpoenas, but November is just around the corner,” he added. “And when we take the gavels back in January, you can pretty much expect that those documents we mentioned in this letter are going to be in a formal subpoena to Twitter and Facebook.”

“Of course, the mainstream media just called it Russian disinformation and refused to even talk about it,” Steube continued. “Facebook and Twitter decided to completely mask that on their platforms.”

“If an indictment does happen or something criminal does happen, or there’s an active public criminal investigation that’s going on with Hunter Biden and this laptop and the information that’s contained there, the mainstream media will realize that they can’t continue to say that everything on the laptop is false,” Steube said.

“When the DOJ is saying they’re using that as evidence in an indictment in a criminal investigation, suddenly you’re seeing the mainstream media being forced to actually print the truth and evidence and things that we’ve been saying two years ago, and that the New York Post story said over two years ago.”