Florida's family farmers, growers and ranchers are essential workers providing a safe food supply for our citizens and millions of people around the world. Our policies must ensure open and fair markets to sustain and grow our domestic farm production. Agriculture regulations must also strike a balance between profitable farm production and sound environmental policy.

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July 26, 2021 Press Release
Our farmers, ranchers, and producers typically face economic challenges from many things like commodity prices, weather, spikes in production costs, and crop diseases. Congress should take positive action to protect our domestic agricultural businesses instead of creating new burdens, like unfair tax policy of discriminatory debt relief measures.”
July 15, 2021 Press Release
“Protecting Lake Okeechobee is vital to ensuring that people who depend on the Lake have access to safe and reliable drinking water and that our agriculture industries around the Lake have the adequate water for their crops to feed our state and our nation. Agriculture is one of the three largest drivers to Florida’s economy and any negative impact to agriculture will affect the entire state’s economy. Many of those families have farmed for generations and a Lake regulation schedule that does not take into account their legitimate needs would harm Floridians."
June 4, 2021 Press Release
“Ensuring that American farmers have an advantage over foreign competition and are not burdened by counterproductive federal regulations is vital for Florida’s agricultural industry. My team and I will continue to advocate for Florida’s farmers and ranchers as they navigate these challenges moving forward.”
March 22, 2021 Press Release
“Okeechobee County’s priorities like telehealth expansion, water quality issues, and public health have remained major focuses for our team, both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was honored to update the Chamber this morning on what we are doing at the federal level to advance these priorities and protect our values.”
February 19, 2021 Press Release
“It is our responsibility to help our farmers, ranchers and producers as they work to feed families here in Florida and across the country, especially while they struggle with the effects of COVID-19 and unfair foreign competition. These initiatives will help all of those in the agriculture industry from farm to table, including laborers, commercial growers and producers, and agriculture transportation workers.”
September 2, 2020 Press Release
"Florida agriculture is the backbone of our State’s economy, yet our farmers, ranchers, and producers have suffered from Mexico’s trade-distorting practices for far too long. Though we still have more progress to make, this is an important first step towards empowering our farmers and prioritizing the dire needs of our agriculture communities."
August 13, 2020 Press Release
"For too long, Florida farmers of fresh produce have suffered from Mexico’s unreasonable trade-distorting practices. Seasonal produce is vital to the state of Florida, which ranks as the largest producer of many seasonal and perishable products in the country. The Florida fruit and vegetable industry is especially vital to the health of my Congressional District, and I am proud to represent the largest citrus-producing district in the nation and many other growers of nutritious, seasonal produce."
July 9, 2020 Press Release
"Agriculture is the lifeblood of Florida and a crucial component of our economy, bringing food to the tables of millions of families across America. At a time when producers and growers are already suffering, we should not be giving foreign producers an unfair advantage over American producers. This will only exacerbate the challenges our farmers are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic."
June 24, 2020 Press Release
“The market volatility and losses for the meat industry have been unprecedented and devastating. As we continue to watch the long-term effects on agriculture, we will respond appropriately to our farmers and ranchers here in Florida.”
June 11, 2020 Press Release
“As farmers and ranchers in Florida and across the country are struggling to cope with the decreased demand for their products as a result of the economic shutdowns, more than ever we need to put America first and cannot give foreign entities a competitive advantage. Communist China is responsible for the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent economic damages that have impacted our nation’s farmers, and now they are trying to profit off of our hardship.