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February 07, 2021 | Press Releases

Steube Honors WWII Merchant Marine Hero with Presentation of Ushakov Award and Recognition as FL-17 MVP for February

PUNTA GORDA, FLA. – U.S. Representative Greg Steube’s (R-Fla.) office yesterday recognized WWII veteran, George Koch, with the presentation of the Ushakov Award. Steube also named him the FL-17 MVP for February 2021.

“At the young age of 16, George put everything on the line to serve our country, assist our allies, and defeat evil,” Steube said. “Facing enemies in dark and light, from land to sea, he carried out his critical mission to defend democracy and lead the way to Allied victory. George truly embodies the spirit of the Greatest Generation – it was an honor for our office to be a part of this ceremony to recognize his lifetime of patriotism and valor.”

Koch answered the call to serve as a Merchant Marine during the World War II. During his service, George was responsible for delivering vital supplies to the Soviets through a British Navy escort’s support. His convoy came under regular attack from both the sea and the sky.

Koch was presented with the Ushakov Award at this event. This is an award given to 17 U.S. citizens for their roles in the Arctic convoys that transported supplies and military equipment to the Soviet Union during World War II.

Via video, Steube also recognized Koch as the FL-17 MVP for February 2021.

George was this year’s second recipient of Steube’s FL-17 MVP Award. Each month, Steube and his team recognize an MVP from the 17th Congressional District who has made outstanding and unique contributions in the community. The purpose of this award is to recognize the unsung heroes across the District as they display extraordinary dedication to make a difference. To thank them for their work, MVPs are presented with a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol and are publicly recognized in Steube’s weekly newsletter.

To submit deserving nominees, constituents are encouraged to visit Steube.House.Gov/FL17MVP.