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June 13, 2019 | Press Releases

Steube Introduces Resolution to Bring Home USS Pueblo

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Congressman Greg Steube (R-Fla.) introduced a resolution to condemn North Korea’s seizure of the USS Pueblo and request that the vessel be returned to the United States.

“Since 1968, North Korea has illegally held the USS Pueblo, and it is long past due that this vessel be rightfully returned to the United States’ possession,” said Congressman Steube following the introduction of the bill. “There are veterans in my district and across our country that served valiantly on this ship, and we ought to honor their service by bringing this ship home.”

On January 23, 1968, North Korea seized the USS Pueblo and detained its crew during an intelligence collection mission in the Sea of Japan. The vessel was more than 13 nautical miles from the nearest point in North Korean territory and in international waters. After enduring dreadful conditions as prisoners of war, the crew was released on December 23, 1968, but the ship remained in North Korean custody.

“It is my hope that this resolution will bring attention to the USS Pueblo and the events that occurred over 50 years ago. I encourage the State Department and Trump Administration to fight for the USS Pueblo in their ongoing negotiations with North Korea so we can bring this ship home once and for all,” concluded Steube.