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February 13, 2024 | Uncategorized

Steube ‘Happy’ Senate Foreign Aid Package Will Not Pass House

THE FLORIDIAN — The Senate recently passed a bill authorizing $95 billion in foreign aid with no domestic attachments. Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has signaled it would not be voted upon in the House. Representative Greg Steube (R-FL) appeared on Fox Business’s Bottom Line to discuss, saying he was “happy” Speaker Johnson would not bring the bill to the floor.

Host Sean Duffy asked if there was a chance any House Republicans would join Democrats in a motion to recommit and bring the bill to the floor anyway, which Rep. Steube said was unlikely.

“I do not see our side doing that. I do not see some procedural maneuvers that they would do, and I am happy Speaker Johnson is not willing to bring this bill to the floor. And we do not need to be giving more money to a foreign government when we have an invasion at our southern border,” said Rep. Steube, adding that the Senate would not so much as consider a standalone package for Israel “because they care more about Ukraine’s borders than they care about America’s borders.”

Co-host Dagen McDowell pointed out the irony in President Joe Biden demanding passage of the Senate’s bill while freezing liquid natural gas (LNG) exports, which invariably helps Vladimir Putin, and the fact that he is demanding more spending despite the country being $34 trillion in debt.

Rep. Steube agreed, further adding that the foreign aid package includes funds that would go to Gaza, which would, in turn, go to Hamas.

“So why would we be funding that side of the war while funding the Israelis on their side of the war while funding the Ukrainians? It makes absolutely no sense when the focus should be America first and the safety and security of the American people,” Steube concluded.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) similarly chastised his fellow Senators for prioritizing foreign borders over American domestic policy, saying, “And what people would say no matter how they feel about Ukraine, I think, for most Americans, it is not a priority. Not because they like [President Vladimir] Putin and they like Russia, but because we [have] got a lot of problems that people are dealing with in their everyday life.”

As a result, Sen. Rubio sought to include five amendments related to border security into the foreign aid package, including prohibition of any migrants without a valid visa, deportation of non-citizens convicted of drunk driving, and tightening asylum processing requirements.